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        Welcome to our website! I, on behalf of all staff, extend our gratitude to all friends and colleagues and express our respect to all people who concern and support us.

        The time slipped away. With the care and support of all people, we have made great progresses and achievements over the 18 years.

        Founded in 1993, our company has continuously developed and expanded over the years, and become a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. We develop stably and rapidly, and our diverse and novel products are well sold in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and other countries and regions. Years of production experience, advanced technology from Japan, Europe and America and selected raw materials perfect our products!

        In the management concept of “People oriented”, the principle of “Quality Is the Lifeline, Quality Is the Best Salesman”, the tenet of “Credit First, Customer Supreme” and core service concept of “Customer Satisfaction”, our company actively develops and innovates to make better products for customers!

        Looking back, we are grateful for your support to us; looking ahead, we are full of confidence and look forward to your cooperation for a bright future!

        Chairman: SHINICHIRO NADA    General Manager: TAKASHIGE IZUMI

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