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        Business Concept: Credible Operation, Glory Creation

        Marketing Concept: Lock Win-win Mode, Create Customer Value

        Service Concept: Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

        Corporate Style: Constant Improvement, Sequential Progress

        Quality Concept: Do thing right once, character determines product

        Execution Concept: Not Find Excuse for Failure, Just Find Method for Success

        Salary Concept: No fruitless reward, fruitless reward is shame

        Behavior Concept: Action speaks louder than words, virtue is superior to wisdom

        Work Ethnic: Attentive Dedication, Continuous Transcendence, Self Achievement

        Team Concept: Do not mutually strike like sand stones, shine each other like stars

        Pioneering Concept: There is no failure in life but give up in advance

        Development Concept: Assemble the Characteristics; Get Great Achievements

        Market Concept: Award is not as good as reputation

        Safety Concept: Safety is your respect to life through action

        Employment Concept: Value virtuous and talented people, train virtuous and untalented people, limit talented people without virtue, disuse people without virtue or talent

        Growth Concept: No unfair treatment, but unfair capacity, no unfair capacity, but unfair learning

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